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10 Jul 2024 -
Fixed some map bugs on Mix Isle Fixed some map bugs on Promotion quest Removed bad ladder on...
  • Fixed some map bugs on Mix Isle
  • Fixed some map bugs on Promotion quest
  • Removed bad ladder on Maxis spawn
  • Fixed death skull slot
  • Fixed back teleport on Liberty Bay Access
  • Fixed Warmaster Outfit quest
  • Some changes in transform ring, now it costs 100 crystal coins per 5 minutes, remember that transform ring can be destroyed when you dont have cash



6 Jul 2024 -
Hello we have some events for you today: -all online players will receive premium point rune at...

Hello we have some events for you today:
-all online players will receive premium point rune at 18:00 and 20:00
-a lot of boss raids betwen 20:00 and 23:00
-all players who comment this post
with nickname will receive 150 premium points

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19.7.2024 -
Server Update
Author: Guralexx

Hello everyone, the time has come for the promised update. However, due to the work on the new version of Evorium on a new engine with new outfits and mounts, we decided to release a smaller update than last week. Additionally, we have prepared a small giveaway. Nevertheless, we encourage you to follow our page as updates will continue to be released, and we encourage you to wait for the new version of Evorium because it will truly be worth it.

Today we have improved following changes and events:

  • New spells for promoted vocations, to use this spells you need to have minimum 10 rebirths.
  • Spells for 60K can be used now from 25K
  • Every account received 100 premium points, if you dont have account yet you can also get 100 premium points on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Some bugs fixed
  • You dont need purple key to finish Ultimate VIP Medal Quest


12.7.2024 -
Server update
Author: Guralexx

Hello today we have improved following things on server:

  • Added Ultimate VIP Access, to get it you have to do quest for purple key and than you can make quest for Ultimate VIP Medal, you need this key to open doors at the of the quest.
  • Ultimate VIP Access will be updated every friday with new items, quests and tasks.
  • Added two new spawns on Ultimate VIP Access
  • Added quests for two new items Horned Helmet and Native Armor
  • Some changes in transform ring, from now to use you need crystal coins in backpack, it takes 100 crystal coins every 5 minutes, your ring could be broken if you dont have crystal coins in backpack.
  • Added talkaction !go for guild leaders - Guild Outfit
  • Added talkactions !gc - guild broadcast
  • Added talkaction !pos for all players - Your actual position, useable for report bugs to support.
  • We have also for you 3 premium points giveway, on saturday and sunday and monday on random hours all online players will receive 50 premium points.

The next update will be on 19.07.2024 and some fixes during the week.




5.7.2024 -
Evorium Server Update
Author: Guralexx


Hello, Today we have implemented the following changes:

  • New exp stages benefiting both old and new players
  • Added Mix Isle to the NPC Payable Exp
  • Added a Quest for the Golden Outfit, you can enter this quest somewhere in Furathan Town.
  • Added spell for all vocation, to use this spell you have to be promoted and have minimum 5 reborns.
  • The minimum level to perform a reborn has been increased to 25k.
  • New Game Client
  • To access the Golden Outfit and other new graphics, the Evonium client is required

The next update will be on 12.07.2024



Experience stages

Stages table
Level Stage
1-40 x3600 -> 5000
41-100 x2800 -> 4500
101-160 x2400 -> 3800
161-240 x2000 -> 3200
241-380 x1600 -> 2800
381-500 x1200 -> 2400
501-749 x800 -> 2000
750-850 x400 -> 1600
851-1000 x200 -> 1200
1001-1500 x150 -> 600
1501-5500 x110 -> 300
5501-8000 x90 -> 200
8001-10500 x60 -> 100
10501-16000 x50 -> 80
16001-27500 x30 -> 60
27501-30000 x18 -> 40
30001-41000 x10 -> 20
41001-52000 x8 -> 16
52001-63000 x6 -> 12
63001-74000 x5.6 -> 11
74001-85000 x4.4 -> 6
85001-96000 x4 -> 4
96001-170000 x3.6 -> 3.6
170001-1500000 x2.6 -> 2.6

15.6.2024 -
New items added!
Author: Rayman

Hello! Today we have added 2 new items! Let's try it in game!

If you want to try one of them, you can win it - just be active on our server!

14.6.2024 -
Second premium points giveway!
Author: Guralexx

Hello, today we have added 150 premium points to all active accounts, more events in next week, have fun!


11.6.2024 -
Giveway for every registered account!
Author: Guralexx

Hello, today we have added 150 premium points to every created account, if you have not account you can create it now and take part on next premium points giveway 14.06.2024. 3x Experience is active till end of the month, have fun!


6.5.2024 -
Evorium Open Tibia Server New Edition Starts on May 3, 2024 18:00 CET
What's new in this edition: first 3 access like VIP, First Access, Liberty Bay Access are open for all, new exp stage, new outfits, changes in items, runes and spells, changes in reborn system, unlimited number of reborns, over 20 new quests, over 20 new experience spots, updates several times a month, and many new events.

About Evorium

Evorium is a custom map high rate server with teleports to the a lot of exp places, quests, events, and raids. In towns which you can reach by ship you can find hidden exp places and quests, our cities: Avadon City, Cyclops Land, Thanathia City, Furathan Town, Pirate Island, Karahan Desert, Beholder Swamps, Turtle Land, Svargrond, Lost Land, Rio Varen, Liberty Bay and Azgard.
In every city you can find statues which gives you addon when you click on it!



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